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Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Company is Saudi Arabia’s leading provider of total utility solutions, covering the Kingdom and executing custom-tailored and turnkey projects for water, energy (with an unparalleled 1.3GW power capacity) and cooling across the nation through seven strategically located branches that encompass every corner of the country. We are the largest provider of temporary energy solutions in Saudi Arabia and offer zero initial investment to our clients.

Altaaqa was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Zahid Group of companies to provide solutions for the energy and utilities industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bringing Zahid’s close, 60-year partnership with Caterpillar, a world-leading provider of power systems to the service of Saudi Arabia’s energy and utilities sector. Our state-of-industry utility solutions, allow us to bridge the gap between supply and demand and provide a one-stop-shop to meet temporary to long-term power, water and cooling demands.

As an environmentally responsible provider of electrical power, water and temperature control solutions, Altaaqa is uniquely positioned to meet the energy and utility needs of all the Kingdom’s booming economic sectors from real estate, construction and hospitality, to oil and petrochemicals, to commercial and infrastructure development and others.

We bring not only an unparalleled track record of providing total utility solutions for the Kingdom, but a dynamic and seasoned workforce and strong, enduring partnerships with leading quality suppliers from around the world, allowing Altaaqa to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the highest global standards and practices. Our teams of experts are providing and managing energy solutions in record time to the Kingdom’s new economic and industrial cities and other major projects across the country, utilizing a comprehensive range of energy generating tools adapted to capacity requirements.

Our sustained success has been underpinned by our core values aspiring to integrity, professionalism, excellence, competence, commitment, leadership and responsibility. Our ideals have directly informed our operations and services and allowed Altaaqa to continuously exceed client expectations.